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UX Case

  • Category UX/UI
  • EmployerXepelin
  • 2022
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Xepelin International Payments

  • + Discovery
  • + Ideation & Design
  • + User Testing
  • + Handoff
  • + Pilot Project
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The UX

00 Background:

As part of the Payments team, the UX mission was continuous user feedback to identify product pain points. The focus was on Midcorp and Largecorp customers in Chile and Mexico.

01 Discovery:

Engaged 15 customers from Midcorp and Largecorp segments. Discovered a pain point: challenges in paying international suppliers not in the initial roadmap. Shared findings, stakeholders recognized feasibility, and the problem was formally defined.

02 Ideation & Prototype:

Crafted user experience flow and high-fidelity prototype, iterating collaboratively. Used Maze for usability testing, with 100% success in tasks, validating the new international payment functionality.

03 Handoff & Design QA:

Seamless handover of design and prototype to development. Post-implementation, conducted design QA to validate correctness. Introduced enhanced functionality in a pilot project for controlled rollout, monitoring user feedback.

04 Outcome:

After a successful pilot, the enhanced international payment functionality was well-received when launched to all users after a couple of months.

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